About Us

Lindsayís background includes:
  • 13 years at Archives New Zealand managing its corporate services (1993-2006) and being a member of the Strategic Management Group for the whole of that time and at various times acting Chief Archivist & Chief Executive

  • Managing Archives New Zealandís relationships with its auditors, Treasury and the Office of the Auditor-General

  • Involvement in Ministerial briefings and appearances in front of Select Committees examining the performance of Archives New Zealand

  • Since 2007 as a strategic and operational consultant to various public and private sector organisations on information and records management issues, Public Records Act 2005 compliance, financial, and strategic business issues

  • Lindsay's substantial senior management experience enables him to bring a unique strategic and operational perspective to information and records management issues through his ability to identify risks, e.g. in relation to audit and other regulatory activities etc, and opportunities existing in the wider organisational and sector setting.

    He is very aware of the resourcing issues public sector organisations face and provides practical solutions to problems, with an eye to identifying savings where possible. Accordingly his fees are very reasonable and where possible he endeavours to identify ongoing savings to organisations to cover them.

    Other general consultancy services provided by Lindsay or through his associates include:

    • Finance

    • Property

    • IT

    • HR

    • Relationship Management

    • Business Cases

    • Procurement

    • Cost reduction

    • General Management